Went to Las Cruces yesterday with a couple of neighbors, one of whom had to visit the medical center there... on the entry ramp to I-10 in Deming, we stopped to pick up a backpacker, who refused to ride with us because a woman was driving... seems that's against God's Will... he handed us a fascinating little ultraconservative tract, in 4-point type, I think, on both sides of an 11x17 sheet of paper, denouncing just about everything as idolatry or worse. The name printed on the tract was one Peter A. Koska, 8386 County Road FF, Webster, WI 54893, undoubtedly the one in this article, and quite likely our almost-passenger. Scary shit. Makes Reverend Moon look liberal in comparison.

This winter is looking pretty harsh already for this area... we've had several freezing nights already, and some cold days, which is pretty unusual.

Still trying to get colorForth working on Bochs. Stuck on the slow keyhit servicing, which makes it tedious to play with. I don't know yet if it's a bug in Bochs, a bug in my ported source, or something inherent to the implementation which presumably doesn't show up on real hardware.

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