Leaving for Rosarito in 24 hours or so, getting my mind back in nomadic mode... sewed up the worst rip in my leather pants but still have a few torn spots to give my wardrobe "character". Got a refund check, fucking finally, from the SSA covering my expenses to their ALJ hearing in Las Cruces a few months ago. About $170, it came in mighty handy. Also got my $56 refund from the extra charge Northern Tool put on my card when I ordered a pump a few days ago, so I'm floating in cash.

I don't remember last night's dream too well, but it's something like this: on a highway far from any city, there's a white canvas tent covering the highway for some distance, with the buildings of a town within the tent. Some kind of construction going on, or whatever. Anyway, I'm at the entrance doing something or other, and I decide to go back inside, but at that moment the lights of a car blinded me. There are people there being paid to assist others, so even though I might have been able to feel my way, I hollered out for help. A young woman guided me to safety, but then wrote me a ticket or something for using the service unnecessarily. I got pissed off, and walked over and starting hitting a piece of plywood. I was hoping to make holes in the half-inch plywood to show my awesome power, but I didn't manage to do any visible damage. Damn.

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