Got my ticket for the 10:15 Greyhound flight to LA, and sitting in Kinley's House swilling coffee and waiting for the internet to come back up. This time I'm probably going to catch the MTA bus from Union Station to Oceanside, though if I'd gone on a weekend I could have saved over half price... $6.00 instead of $12.50. But I didn't want to miss Dwayne and Shu's party yesterday at the Living Foods Learning Center; a sauna full of beautiful naked bodies is hard to pass up, even though I can be at Black's Beach by Wednesday morning.

Tested the wake-on-lan several times after setting the "sleep" button to shut the computer down, and enabling "hibernate", and am pretty pleased with the results. Now if I can get a webcam and a two-way voice system running, I can check on my shebeen at any time from anywhere.

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