That meal was only $5.15 total. I was so pleased I left a $2 tip. Then I went back to Union Station, found out the MetroLink machine would not dispense tickets until 3 hours before departure... sat down anyway, thinking that explanation would suffice, but nope. Either I buy the Amtrak ticket for more than twice the price ($29 vs. $12.50) or get the fuck out. I wandered around, then thought "hey, it's past midnight, lemme buy a day pass". The Red Line doors looked locked, but they weren't; I went in, and it was nice and warm. Bought my day pass and went and sat in the seats by the tracks. Closed my eyes and dozed off for maybe as much as 5 minutes before the goddamned cops rousted me. Doesn't open till 4. Fuck.

So now I'm back at the Won Kok Palace, eating my "regular", Pork Foo Yong. This place closes at 3, and then I'll have one hour still to freeze my ass waiting for the Metro to open.

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