Walked all night -- got a huge blister on my right little toe -- and took a bus this morning, the NCTD 101 into University Towne Centre, and from there the 41 to the Green Line, then the Blue Line to the border. Ate the obligatory tacos with a Pacifico at Taco Bell, though I realized later it must have been still quite early in the morning. Ah well, tacos and beer is a typical Baja breakfast for expatriates, isn't it?

My carefully-rigged tunnel broke down, and so far I haven't been successful at getting anyone to troubleshoot the problem. And on the Western front, the sensor wire of my power brick broke so I can't charge my laptop battery. Used a public internet machine to check my email and I think it may have had password sniffers installed. Well, I'll know if someone starts posting to all the dating sites in my name that I've been 0wn3d.

Haven't slept since yesterday afternoon, getting buzzed on coffee to stay awake. Tried to sleep on Rosarito Beach today, but between the biting Pacific wind and the idiot on the tractor smoothing the beach and looking like he'd just love to "accidentally" turn the gabacho into a cube steak, I didn't get a wink.

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