Capuchino's (their spelling) offer free wifi but snarl if you plug into their electricity. Alternate between there and the café at Rosarito Beach Hotel, which has no wifi but they don't bitch if you plug in.

I was encouraged to get a blood test... tested negative for HIV and syphilis. No surprise, but comforting.

Forgot to mention the other day: that North County 101 bus fare was $2.00 and, if you ask for it, the driver gives you a transfer good for two hours, which was sufficient to get me all the way to San Ysidro and the border. That morning was when I finally got my tacos and beer at the real Taco Bell, and caught the bus to Rosarito for 14 pesos. Those fares keep going up! But the colectivos are now minibuses and a little more comfortable than the station wagons. Some routes still use those old wagons, but not TJ-RTO.

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