Sitting in McCabe's sucking down a hefeweizen. There's a country-rock band playing, not really to my liking but tolerable.

On the way here, I was thinking of a way to improve rolling luggage. I was sitting on this piece that I was given, and it was collapsing. Make it with a hard shell. And shape it so it can float, putting a sliding door on the front (top, when floating). One wheel in the back, two in front. Telescoping handles in both directions, so if it's well balanced, you can use it with the one rear wheel, and if not, the two wheels as the rear. Holds a battery, with the one wheel motorized, so you can use the luggage as the horse while you ride behind, as the cart, on a skateboard or blades. So: it's a chair. A boat. Luggage. A motorized vehicle. Whatever else I come up with before I actually get around to building one. Out of fibreglass, most likely.

This band is starting to rock now, with I Feel Good. Things are looking up. The day started out shitty but might end nicely.

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