Well, shit. I closed at McCabe's Beach Club as expected, then went to the Oceanside Transit Center to crash for a few hours till the morning Metrolink. It wasn't to be. One of the fuckhead taxi drivers, I guess, called the cops. I had just gotten comfortable, and had probably slept all of a half hour, when I was awakened by Officer Friendly. You can't sleep here, it's private property (Really? A public transportation facility? But you can't argue with these morons). I was making up an advertising slogan as I cruised the streets looking for an all-night coffeeshop: "Why be a prick and not get paid for it? Join your local police department today!" Finally settled down at Denny's on the north end of town until 6AM, then went back to the transit center, catching the 8:45 to Union Station. Went to Sam Woo's and got the curry beef this time. It was excellent, but I liked the brisket with Satay sauce better. Do you know they have steamed rice on the menu for 60 cents? I didn't ask, but I'll bet they'd let a poor guy in off the street and serve him the rice and a full pot of tea for that price, and not begrudge him a table. A little pocket of civility in an otherwise hellish world.

I'm at the Starbucks, again, at 7th and Fig. I'm refactoring cfdump.py, part of the colorForth project, because it's too kludgy at this point to add anything to it. But it's horribly broken right now, so I won't commit the changes to the CVS repository until the basic function, at least, is back.

I found out I've got over $5000 in a MetLife insurance policy, and am trying to cash out of it, but the fuckwits don't answer emails. What makes these imbeciles think the telephone is more secure?

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