OK, so I pissed someone off at Microchip, but at least I finally got a response. I'll get my development kit in about a week. I might try one of these ARM boards as well, though I'm skeptical of the undocumented Simply Connected™ technology; their rep says I can get a full refund if it doesn't fit my application. Which is? For starters, a simple timer/controller for the hydroponics system I'm building... no, there's no pot, not yet anyway. Just spelt, amaranth, date palms, tomatillos, some cactus. Later this year, I want to work on a universal coin and bill acceptor, at least for US and MX money.

Mellon, like most companies, is so fucking inept at security. I couldn't get the idiots to send me an authentication number so I could access my account online, but could change my address, sell all my shares, and close the account over the phone, knowing nothing but my investor ID and social security number, and a little personal information that probably anyone could find on the web. And most of that without even talking to a human, just a voice recognition system! They must have identity theft losses in the millions, but they're making so much money they don't give a shit. Glad I got out in time -- MetLife stock is just coming down from a 52-week high. Even if it drops another point or three before the transaction goes through, at least I got out before some thief steals it out from under me. And I don't ever want to deal with that annoying voice regognition system again.

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