Waiting for an eBay auction for black leather pants (I don't have any good ones left) to wind down, I might as well update the old blog...

Monday I attempted to stuff the pig intestines with the chorizo I made last Thursday or Friday, but I don't know how to do it, and the casings kept splitting. So I just made a few little ones, which are drying now, and I'm freezing the rest of my sausage to just eat in patty form.

Haven't spent all my windfall yet, have to wait till the 13th while Wells Fargo sits on it and collects interest on the float.

Went into Palomas Monday morning to have two molars extracted... the corresponding uppers were removed years ago and I saw no need to keep that amalgam in my mouth. But the dentist, Dr. Felipe Salazar, convinced me to keep them by offering to replace the fillings for the same price (US$25 each) he charged for extractions. So I've still got the molars in case stem cell replacement for the uppers gets reasonable.

Check out my contributions to wikiHow if you have some time to kill. It's not much yet, but a little anti-consumerism goes a long way.

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