Had my new-moon shave and shower today, several people commented on how different I look without the beard. They were all too polite to say "and you don't stink as bad either!"

Pissed away several hours trying to get Windows Media Player to play the GSM files from my free j2 answering machine. It supposedly has the codec but damned if I can get it to work. Last time I tried j2's software it still won't work for anyone but Administrator. Screw it. Went back to scp'ing the file to my unixshell server, sox'ing it to WAV format, and scp'ing it back to play.

Ditto trying to get a Pocket PC emulator working without installing that dot-net bloatware. The Windows Mobile 5 emulator can work without it, but not, apparently, that for PPC2003. And the binary images seem to be in incompatible formats, though I didn't do any real hacking to see how I might resolve it. Getting disgusted too easily. At least I could get the WM5 emulator to sync with the laptop, something I could never manage to do with the PPC emulator (back when I still had the room and patience for .NET).

A few years back, a friend of mine was hauled into jail by his wife, and then she repented of it but the state had already taken up the case against him. Now the same thing is happening to a drinking buddy of mine. It really pisses me off how we allowed this monster into our interpersonal relationships. Time to bring back tribes, and ignore this monstrosity of a "government" which exists only for its own benefit. Solving the unemployment problem by throwing everyone in jail. Just wonderful.

I heard a nice story a couple of weeks or so ago... a local guy was at the border check, and the bimbo with the magic wand detected some contraband hidden somewhere in the body of his pickemup. He saw the look on her face, burned rubber, and hauled ass back across the border leaving one huge U-shaped skidmark on highway 11. Score one for the good guys... of course he probably won't be back to Columbus any time soon... bringing natural plant substances across imaginary lines is a serious offense.

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