I used to think that a MasterCard debit card always showed you your purchases immediately, as Paypal's does, but that doesn't work with Washington Mutual's. I sometimes have to wait for 3 days or so to see what I spent. Since I'm no good at remembering things or logging expenses, that means I'm bound to mess up sooner or later and have to pay overdraft fees.

Anyway, I decided to risk it, and am drinking pints at Gentle Ben's in the university district of Tucson. I've got a ticket on the 1:20 AM Amtrak to Deming; Greyhound no longer stops there and even if it did, it would have been as expensive or more. Fuck that, I'll take the train over the bus any day for the same price.

Hey, just checked my tab, and it's only $5 for two pints so far. Not bad at all for such a pricey area, where tacos were $6 just down the street (I spent less than $4 for a lamb wrap at the Indian restaurant instead). I slept today at the park down Congress Street, and will probably sleep more on the train... hey, if I oversleep and they don't wake me up till El Paso I sure won't complain.

I'm making progress with ../src/mandelbrot_int32.py; the outline of the Mandelbrot set shows up, but with a lot of background and foreground noise. Along the way, some really strange shit showed up that looked like runes, but I didn't want to show you every failure no matter how interesting... I may actually need to work as a programmer again some day, and my methods probably aren't very confidence-inspiring to potential clients.

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