What is it with all the porno sites lately? Almost all the girls are shaved. It's really gotten worse in the last month or so... I noticed it first on kindgirls.com, and now most of the linked sites have the same phenomenon. Thank the gods it hasn't caught on yet in Japan.

Got my Orikaso fold-flat cup and bowl yesterday, in time for my trip to Boston in a couple of weeks. It remains to be seen if the coffeeshops don't freak when you hand them the cup for the refill price.

My houseguest stayed a little longer than expected, but then he gave a nice contribution to the shebeen when he left, and except for the loss of privacy, he wasn't any hassle. Thanks, Jerry. Happy trails.

Instead of my usual Pink Store steak, my friend and I went to the Gamez restaurant nearer the South end of Palomas and had the beef & shrimp fajitas. Excellent! They have a nice selection of Mexican beers now too. We had enough left over that we had the rest for dinner, and the tab only came to about $22 including the 3 beers. Gotta have cash there, though. If all you have is plastic you'd better stick with la Tienda Rosa.

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