My Cygwin sshd server took a dump the other day, and instead of troubleshooting I just decided to upgrade. What a mess. Everything was broken for a day or so, and since one of the upgrades was Python, little problems are popping up. For example, it seems that the new Python downgrades longs to ints (to save memory? whatever) and I had to change this in my colorforth dump program:

diff -r1.53 cfdump.py
<  return not filter(long.__nonzero__, array)
>  return not filter(long.__nonzero__, map(long, array))

Otherwise, I'm working my way out of a funk. I'm in all-night-programming mode, making and drinking fresh coffee and listening to music. This fucking wind has got to be good for something, so I'm using the abundant power it's providing.

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