Woke up twice, once from laughing out loud. That was when I was (in my dream) reading a Dilbert cartoon, and old pointy-hair was interviewing some hotshot liar, who would say outrageous things, and in the lower-left-hand corner of the frame it would show what the boss was hearing, something completely different and usually meaningless (was he on drugs?). Anyway, what I was laughing at, in the dream and out loud, was that the interviewee said "and, of course, I [rooted] your colorForth router". The word he used for "rooted" was something I'd never heard, and can't remember completely, but it had "buzz" in it, and in the dream I knew what it meant. Part of the reason I was laughing is that I thought Scott was reading my blog, and this was his way of saying "hello" to me.

The second wakeup was right after, in my dream, I went back to the place I'd been sleeping earlier and found the grass freshly cut. I was thinking "well shit, why didn't that cop just tell me they were going to cut the grass? I guess he just didn't feel the need to explain himself to the common people." I haven't gone back to verify if that was indeed what happened yet. But I hear a sound like that of a lawn mower, and that may be what triggered the dream.

Anyway, now I gotta pee and drink water, not necessarily in that order. I have a slight headache, been ingesting too many toxins lately. Gotta my ass back to the desert stat. This trip has been fun and enlightening, but enough already.

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