Just awoke from a dream in which I was to tend a sacred fire for a night. I was carefully raking around the small stones, and before I realized what I had done, they all fell down through a grate. I had ruined it; the fire was still going because it was artificial, coming from a huge iron furnace, but the mandala was destroyed. Oopsy. I just set us back some umpteen million years in spiritual development.

I've been reading Ken Wilber's A Brief History of Everything, and was starting to agree with his conclusion that there is really is a good force propelling us to grow spiritually and even physically (his example of how a bird's wings could not emerge by Darwinian selection alone sticks out in my mind). But this morning after awakening from that weird dream, I'm skeptical again, thank God. What is lacking, at least in the first 100 or so pages, is in fact a healthy skepticism. What we see unifying and eliciting further growth of the "holons" might in fact be an entity we should be fighting, not cooperating with.

I just now read the transcript of a discussion about the Matrix between Ken Wilber and Larry Wachowski, and I'm very unimpressed. A couple of geniuses stroking each other's egos, yeah, I can see that, but where is the goddamned skepticism? What if this matrix of holons is something we should be attempting to escape?

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