Sorta kinda got Frank Sergeant's Riscy Pygness ported to Coridium's ARMmite development board. I couldn't get it to build using Coridium's tools; instead I had to do all kinds of apt-getting on one of my Debian boxes and do the build there: see the patch file for that, and the other patch for the Cygwin side; the latter is just to make armmite after downloading combo.hex from your Linux box to your PC; then make ide to launch the IDE, from where you start TclTerm. Set Baud to 38400, Newline to crlf, and Char Mode (should show checked). You should see a "Hi"; enter numbers, one to a line, and verify you see "ok" after each. Then enter operators like + or *, one to a line, and finally a dot on a line by itself to see the result. That's all for now, just a proof-of-concept. It remains to be seen if it's capable of any real work on the limited LPC2103 controller.

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