After spending $150 on a pair of Skorpion skates, I took off Sunday afternoon to El Paso to waste the rest of my paycheck. Didn't get much sleep Sunday night, so slept a good part of Monday in Chamizal Park next to the Cordova Bridge. Did the rest of my shopping, had a couple of $1.25 mugs of Shiner Bock draft at Erin's, and got my ass back to Juarez in time to catch the 7:45 into Crucero Palomas. This time, wary, I asked if there would be a bus into Palomas, and the clerk said yes. Of course, there wasn't, and I had to spend another horrible night in that miserable town. I got the first bus, at daybreak, into Palomas, and had to walk all the way into Columbus; nobody stopped to offer a ride. For sure I slept well Tuesday night, and this morning found my latest article published. I'm still wondering where the other 15 minutes of my 20-minute talk are going to come from.

Still have about $20 left, and might make some more cash tomorrow morning doing some computer work, if I remember it. My skates are due to arrive tomorrow also! It would be nice to do some windskating again. I've got plans to make a sail that attaches something like wings at the top of my back, and that I can just pull open to catch the wind, then drop them so they'll hang something like a cape behind me.

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