Well, I made it through my presentation, "Where Have All the Coyotes Gone?", at Pancho Villa State Park this morning without making a total ass of myself. It was a sympathetic audience, no hecklers at all... preaching to the converted does have its benefits. I'm not sure everybody had heard of the Law of Limited Competition before, though, and now they have.

One of my neighbors, Maya, came up with an idea after reading some novels set in India in which the natives would use disposable clay pots for their night soil: the pottery shards found in the terra preta of the Amazon might have been from the same activity. It certainly would help account for the amazing fertility of the soil there. She thinks it's possible they utilized "green cemeteries" there also, burying their dead without caskets, participating in the food cycle as all other good animals do. People of our culture, on the other hand, just take, take, take and refuse to give back.

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