Accomplished more on my solar oven in an hour or so today than in all the time (months) I've been working on it to this date. All it takes is the presence of mind to do the work at dusk, when there is sometimes no wind and the sun is not so overbearing. I ran out of both aluminum foil and foil tape, so will need to restock before completing the job. It'll be interesting tomorrow to see how high a temperature it reaches.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this project, it's an old satellite dish, about 8 feet in diameter, that I got for free and have been attempting to coat with aluminum foil. For glue, I tried both paint and styrene glue, but only had any lasting success with the former, a partial 5-gallon pail of roof coat that had been left here by the previous owner. So the only thing I've been paying for is the foil and tape.

As my neighbor says, it's either too hot to work, too cold to work, too windy to work, or -- when it's just right -- who the fuck wants to work?

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