Yesterday I wasn't feeling very well due to my overconsumption of Shiner Bock the evening before; breakfast consisted of some quasi-stale corn chips with some of the butter I packed into glasses on June 30th and inverted into a tray of water. It hadn't gone rancid yet. Went without beer until dinner at a friend's house, where I had a Rolling Rock, then a Shiner when we got home. Other than that I behaved pretty good.

Haven't been able to do anything intellectual, be it reading or programming. I have been somewhat productive physically, though. For one thing, I finished sewing Velcro to my hat, and mounted a blue LED and a 9V battery on the inside of it, and it serves as a useful night-light. I've been able to spot some of the mice inside my house with it, though I can't get close to them fast enough. I'll have to try making some homemade glue traps, but what to use for ingredients? I don't know to make the polybutylenes and polyisobutylenes that the commercial glue traps use. I doubt molasses will be sticky enough. The styrene goop I make from styrofoam and orange oil would probably work but it's pretty toxic.

I found a new goal-setting site, LifeTango.com. My own public goals are visible here, and I'm slowly migrating more of them from TadaList.com. The latter is still better for simple lists like for shopping.

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