Well, I saved the cost of a GPS handheld. Using a combination of satsig.net (for latitude and longitude), TopoZone.com (for elevation), and one of the GPX files from OpenStreetMap's traces page, as a template, I was able to make my own GPX file using just two waypoints. I'm gonna wait and see if that parses OK before I try adding more data; there's a locally-made map for which I can extrapolate the Lat/Lon/Elevation data and add to the OpenStreetMap database. But I'm pretty sure I can avoid having to plot it out using a GPS unit. This may not be 100% legal the way I'm doing it but hot damn, is it ever affordable.

OpenStreetMap.org is about 4 days behind processing incoming data, so it might be a while before I get some feedback. That's OK, I've got another 40 or so projects going. Anybody know if there's a similar project for aerial photography?

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