Man, it's easy to get disgusted with the crappy software tools that OSM uses. My osm.py script will extract a single road using

$ osm.py getroad ~/shared_documents/luna_county.xml "State Route 11"

but the resulting file can't be uploaded directly to OSM, it has to go through an editor. And the 'way' info is lost on import into the editor, so one has to select the segments in JOSM and hit 'w' to re-create the 'way'. Once that is done, one has to re-add all the tags, though the data is pre-filled. Then on attempting to upload you get these errors. What a fucked-up mess. Obviously many people have found workarounds for these shortcomings, but I don't know how much I want to put into this. It's a great idea, and something I can use for my free/cheap transit information site, but the implementation is still pretty damned primitive.

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