A couple of guys from the OSM project emailed me, and let me know that the problem was that I was using positive IDs for nodes, segments, and ways that were not yet in the OSM database. This is a no-no, apparently. So I tweaked my script to negate all the IDs, and did things a little differently on the upload. After opening the scripted file from within JOSM, first I shrink the image by moving the slider in the upper-left-hand corner of the map from 1.1km (which is what it shows originally for State Route 11) to 3.1km. Then I use the selector tool, the second one down, to draw a square around the road. This turns it from gray with red dots to a solid white line. Then I hit the 'w' key to turn it into a 'way'.

A dialog box comes up: "1 way has been selected. Do you wish to select all segments belonging to the way instead?" I answer No, as I did before. Then another dialog: "Do you want to add all other selected segments to the one selected way?" Before I answered No, but this time I answered Yes, and then I get a 3rd dialog, "Reorder all line segments?", to which I also answered Yes; and miraculously, the Properties are filled in automatically, and the line is now white with red dots, and Connection -> Upload to OSM works!

At least, no error messages. Let's see where we go from here. If this really worked, the next step is to hack my script to extract from certain lat/lon coordinates. Then I can, for example, focus my edits just on one part of town. This way, the entire TIGER database can be imported into OSM, piecemeal, and more or less correctly. We could have the whole of the US done in a year or so, with only a thousand or so volunteers.

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