No wonder I couldn't communicate with OSM's API. I was using my screen name jcomeau_ictx as the username rather than my email address. Duh. How did I find out? Used JOSM to delete some nonsense points, and traced it using

$ windump -l -n -x -X -s0 -i2 | tee /tmp/session.log

Then just decoded the base64 string appearing after the Authentication header:

$ base64 -d /tmp/authstring.txt

JOSM does have problems, though. The coordinates of my shebeen I gave you the other day point, in JOSM, to my neighbor M's house several blocks away, South and East. Now that kind of wrong info is useful if someone's trying to bomb me, but not so good otherwise. And OSM's Potlatch editor keeps losing my edits and I have to type (or, rather, point-and-click) them back in. They say a little icon will appear if the changes didn't commit to the database, but I never see any icon. Fun, fun, fun.

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