Mesquite beans grind pretty well with a hand-crank coffee grinder, but you need to empty out the hopper every two or three to get the non-grindable fibrous stuff out. And they have to be good and dry, you'll know right away if they aren't because they'll be all sugary-sticky. Let's see how they flavor the coffee this time; the first time I tried I didn't even notice any difference.

I've been talking to other conspiracy nuts... something's supposedly going down August 22nd or 23rd. I don't know what to believe; I just don't think "they" can throw all us nonconformists into detention camps. Who's going to keep the wheels of the economy turning? The globalists' plan hinges on keeping enough people thinking they're free so that they'll work and pay taxes to keep the whole system afloat, right? It's hard for me sometimes to see through all the complexity, so I don't know if I'm missing something really obvious. But my idea is, if everyone is self-sufficient, having no need of centralized services of any kind, the Machine will collapse under its own weight. Granted, it sure seems awfully powerful right now, though. Time will surely tell.

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