A couple of days ago, I got "fan mail" from an anonymous user at WikiHow for the article Wake up from the American Dream (which really is no longer "mine" because it was completely rewritten by user ZotLynn, but still has basically the same subject matter), that really made my day:

I really needed to see this article, as well as the one that came up randomly on my home screen, "How to stop being a people-pleaser." Trying to live the "dream" for others has worn me out and depressed me for long enough. I've decided just now, that I will follow my own dream, an alternate lifestyle I began to secretly plan for this year. No more interference by others, no more living a "dream" for others. It's refreshing to be reminded that there are plenty of others out there, who believe as I do. Keep up the good work, and many thanks.

More and more people indeed are waking up, even though I saw on an otherwise intelligent person's Orkut profile that our oil reserves are "infinite"... really makes you wonder.

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