Wow, did I ever get shitfaced last night. I wasn't depressed or anything, just had a lot of good beer on hand and kept sucking it down.

Yesterday we had a rare wind out of the Southeast, blowing in the Juarez industrial pollution. The Tres Hermanas mountains were shrouded in smog, and the Floridas were all but invisible: ghostly figures in a surreal desert cityscape. I rode my bicycle to the store and bought a case each of Shiner Bock and Samuel Adams Boston Lager, 4 bags of ice, and some other stuff. Those nu-teck tires on my trailer sure make life easier.

Counting down the days to Burning Man... will head out to El Paso Tuesday or Wednesday for the bus trip starting Thursday morning. Luna County scheduled my hearing for the 4th, and there's very little chance I can make it back by then. Looks like they win this year.

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