Finally found out why my jffs2 partition is full even before putting anything on it. According to this, 5 blocks are reserved for garbage collection. That's 5 64K blocks, thank you very much. As the article indicates, I could maybe get by with less but it requires kernel source modification. Or I could switch to JFFS1 which has a little bit lower overhead requirement.

Then again, how about getting rid of jffs altogether, and run everything out of /rom and /tmp? If I could then hack the mtd driver, I could free up all that space, making it ROM. And I should be able to put NVRAM at the end of that same block, since it's written to use only the final 32KB. I'd kind of like to plop it on the end of the CFE block instead, but that's too dangerous, IMHO. Lose the CFE, and you're stuck with restoring via JTAG.

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