Got my ride to El Paso starting at about 1:30 PM today. Had a $2 "triple-stack" burger at Wendy's, then caught the bus downtown, picked up my ticket at Greyhound (they didn't check if I had the same credit card with which I bought the ticket -- either the management here thinks the Greyhound policy of charging $15 extra if you don't have that is a ripoff, or they just don't have it drilled into them enough yet?), then went to The Tap for a burrito and beer. Met this guy Angel who likes my "oasis of anarchy" idea and tells me he's going to read The Story of B and start using email. We'll see.

Then I went to Kinley's house, stopping along the way for a nap in the courtyard of some unused building. Got there about 11PM, the only coffee was Café Americano, watered-down espresso. After they closed, walked back downtown and stayed at The Tap till about closing. Someone had put a lot of good songs on the jukebox: Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mack, Sade, The Eagles, and Maná. Nice way to end the day.

Now I'm trying to update OpenStreetMap.org with the street names I wrote on my hand as I walked uptown, but Potlatch is giving me the "warning" icon and I keep trying to resubmit with no results. Pisser. A great idea with a regularly problematic interface. I'm not tiring of it yet, though.

About 4 hours to kill till I have to be in line for my bus... see yaz later...

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