Got the 2s to Butcher Boy, and stocked up with about 6.5 pounds of various preserved meats for about $75. The chorizo they had was not dried, so that was out of the question. I got beef and buffalo instead, in various forms. Then took the #9 to the REI store and got a pair of socks and patagonia longjohns. Then the #6 to the couchsurfer who agreed to put me up at her house for the night. There were 4 people at the house: my hostess, her friend of 8 burning-man years, and two young ladies from England. I was the only male. Did I get laid? Nope. I took them all out for a pub crawl, and spent about $60 of my last $100, but didn't score. Oh well, it was a fun night anyway. I jerked off, finally, and went to sleep, after lying awake for an hour or two fantasizing about which one was going to come into the living room and jump my bone.

Next day they took me to the Twin City Surplus store, where I waited maybe 2 to 4 hours before one of the Black Rock City Rangers, Burning Man volunteers, offered to take me to the gate. Once we got there, I dropped the fucking Katadyn filter bags twice; the second time I broke the seal on one of the bags, and the water started pouring out. I managed to save only two liters of the 3.5 gallons. Fuck. So my next move, not wanting to have to lie to the entry people about my minimal water supply, was to find someone to take me into the event after midnight. This 70-ish guy named Bob finally came along, we struck up a conversation, and I ended up going with him to the general store in Nixon before finally entering Burning Man almost exactly at midnight.

So, I ended up putting about $40 on my credit card, at the store and at the bar in Gerlach, and I only paid $20 on it last paycheck.

I set up BIND 9 for the BRC info center today, enabling them to deploy a bunch more computers with a pre-configured Linux CDROM that was set up to go to www.playainfo.org, which had to be redirected to locally. I guess I made a good impression on Michael, the guy running the place. I'll probably stop by again tomorrow and see if there's something else I can do.

There are a lot of things I wanted to mention, like the Kinetic Sculpture Race camp, but I want to go to karaoke near the 3:00 plaza, so will get back to yaz later.

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