More notes from Burning Man, copied from various scraps of paper before I throw them away:

The guy, Bob, who drove me into the Burn, told me he avoided a second hip surgery by having stem cell treatment done in Mexico. It requires several treatments at $200/bottle. The doctor just injects a bottle of stem cells into the area that needs treatment, massages the area for a while, and you'll feel some instant relief, and a permanent cure after getting treated for a few months. The doctor is José Luis Diaz Barboza, with offices in several cities. It sounds amazing to me, I didn't know it was that easy. Makes me wonder where they get all the stem cells though. Newer technology that can convert any cell into a stem cell may make these techniques available to the average individual.

I should build a giant helium-filled exoskeleton, driven by linkages to my own limbs, myself being in one of the ankles of the giant. It won't work in winds very well, but on a calm day I could take 30-foot steps with ease. Forget the helium-filled balloon "skin", and just use ultralight materials, and it might work in light winds too.

How about a jacket and pants made somehow with old inner tubes, such that when uninflated they fold up (using that stretchy ribbon stuff sold in sewing shops?) allowing them to be worn comfortably in hot weather and, inflated, they cover completely, offering padding for sleeping, rain protection, wind protection, and insulation? I really need something to pad my lower back or tailbone area when I sleep on my back. The ultralight pad I bought on eBay just isn't working well enough. If I can't get one of my inventions done by next year's burn, I'll probably have to buy a full-size inflatable pad.

For an air trap for fermentation, how about something like a J-trap, just a length of plastic tubing sticking out of the top, looping around like a sideways S, with water in the lower curve?

I saw a guy with homemade stilts and want to copy it. The footholds were just screwed to the sticks, and there was foam padding grasping the calves, secured with two lengths of leather belt on each leg, also screwed to the (outside of) the sticks.

Someone told me about a sail for windsurfing that has an inflatable edge instead of tubing. It's very light, and on a swell you can catch the breeze and even fly for a short distance. This might work for windskating too.

Those human-powered vehicles I was talking about could have some kind of retractable ball on the front, and a normal trailer hitch on the back, so that they can be joined to each other or to a car or truck, forming "trains" for group travel. If I came up with a good spec, I could publish it before next year's Burning Man, and people who make their own vehicles could join the train on the way.

Make spokes for large-wheeled vehicles using just baling wire or similar? That's what it looked like on the KSR vehicles. Gotta see if I can find a spoke die cheap on the web.

I only ran 6000 feet -- a little over a mile -- the other day when I ran from 5 to 2 and back again along K and L. That's extrapolating using the distances shown on the map. Shit, I had hoped it was at least 2 miles for all the pain it's been causing me. Still, over a mile in bare feet is quite an accomplishment.

Rocket stoves, hexayurts, comap(.com? mathetmatics resources), using algae for converting engine exhaust to oxygen (chlorophyllcollective.com), boolane.com (the guy who gave me the ride in), gotta follow up on all this stuff.

All for now. Now to find a place to upload this...

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