For some unknown reason, I decided to walk up 16th street to what looked, on the transit map, like a bridge. On the way I stopped at Taqueria Jalisco for a taco de carnitas, which for $3.25 including tax was enough meat to fill both corn tortillas that came with it. A handful of tortilla chips was included, too. My only complaint is that the salsa wasn't very spicy.

When I got to the bridge, it looked a lot like the one approaching San Diego going north from Silver Strand. If you read about my experience there, you won't wonder why I was a little apprehensive. I asked a couple of junkies of indeterminate gender, who were chatting near the entry, if the cops would hassle me if I were to walk across. One of the skeletal humans, with a woman's voice, told me if I walk straight across without stopping they won't bother me. "It's a shortcut". So I did. It was a little hairy, with the traffic passing by inches away at 60+MPH, but I survived it. On the north side of the river a guy was taking a bath down below the bridge, and his buddy was hollering something at me which I couldn't understand, so I just waved.

I took the first exit, and it was a huge park which runs along the American river. There I got my first close look at a tree whose leaves resemble oak, but which has a fruit like an apple. I did the first part of the Universal Edibility Test by squeezing one of the fruits in my hand, and the juice hasn't irritated me, a half hour later, so will maybe eat one before I head home.

Then I walked up Del Paso, and here decided to get a day pass on the transit system. I could have walked to my destination with plenty of time to spare, but I'd had enough excitement. I got a signal from UptownFreeWifi07, but the train came before I'd finished typing this in, so will have to upload elsewhere.

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