Forgot to mention, long before I even got to the bridge there was an overpass with a walkway underneath. Two men and a woman were there talking; they made way for a bicyclist who preceded me, but even if I hadn't seen that I was ready to proceed. The older of the men sized me up and greeted me; I responded in kind and was allowed to pass. The woman said something like "carry on, soldier". I didn't know whether to feel insulted or praised. I do try to keep good posture and step smartly when I'm in dangerous areas carrying my laptop, but I didn't know I projected a military bearing. I guess that's part of what keeps me alive in such circumstances.

Wow, almost finished my pint of Sierra Nevada just typing the above paragraph. My order of wings came out and I went up to get another pint. About $11 so far, here at the Round Table Pizza on the corner of Marconi and Watson. I went to the used bookstore first and picked up a copy of KSR's Red Mars before this, and am about to crack it open. Two hours before my dinner date with my extended family, that of my lovely next-door neighbor at City of the Sun.

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