Walked to Javalounge again today. Along the way -- on the ridge that used to be a railroad, on Fruitridge approaching South Land Park Drive -- there were what looked to me like almond trees, so I tried a couple. Bitter and cyanin-flavored, so maybe some strange kind of peach, whose fruit has thin flesh that splits while it's still green. Next to those was another of the trees with oak-shaped leaves but some kind of fruit or fungus, apple-like but with no stem, growing directly out of the branches. On this one all the fruit was dry and hard, whereas on the one along the river the other day they were still yellow-green and with the consistency of apples.

In the park I stopped to wash under my arms, and rinse out that part of my shirt. Lacking borax or anything with saponins, it didn't come out perfect but good enough to make me feel more comfortable in public. Under one of the trees in the park there were some soft, prickly fruits that somewhat resembled what kids in Maine used to throw at each other in late summer; perhaps they still do. I can't remember what we called it; "prickly cucumber" or something like that. It grew wild on vines along roadsides. "Summer snowballs" might have been a more appropriate name, considering the way we used them. Ahhh, memories...

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