After leaving Javalounge (a band had just started up, but my battery was charged and I didn't need any more coffee), I went a couple of blocks north and grabbed some Carpobrotus from the side of the highway to take back to the desert with me. I'll try carrying it back in my shoulder bags, and if I have to take the Juarez-Palomas route I can mail it to myself from El Paso.

Stopped at Oscar's Mexican Food and had a big taco de carnitas for $2.75 including tax. Let's see if that will last me till I get back to my couchsurfing host's house; I've already spent more than I intended today. I don't have any beer for tonight, though, so will probably end up spending more. I know myself too well to think I can go the whole evening without a beer.

Here on Freeport Boulevard is a retirement home called Eskaton Monroe Lodge. I wonder if that's a variant of "eschaton" and if so, if this is owned by some branch of the Babylonian Brotherhood...

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