The #62 bus took me to L and 6th, where I got the 42A to Davis. I hopped out at Covell and F, but it turns out I could have stayed on and found a stop a lot closer to downtown (F and 5th). The bus driver could have been a little more helpful in that regard, though I can't complain -- the Yolobus was free today: Clean Air Days are apparently announced the night before on TV news, and some buses are free those days in Sacramento and the bay area. A good way to get around if you can find out in advance, or are willing to wait at a Yolobus stop and listen for the driver saying "It's free today".

I still found Fuji before it opened, and the line wasn't too long; it's now 11:45 local time, 45 minutes after opening, and still there's room for more people. I've already stuffed myself on about 15 trays of assorted sushi, don't know how much more I can take...

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