Well, shit! LA is now charging $5 for a day pass. But hell, I couldn't just hang out at Greyhound all day, and schlepping my luggage all over town would just destroy what's left of my feet. So I bought one. Naturally, my first stop was 7th and Fig, using their free wifi. I guess next should be Long Beach for a nap, then Chinatown to stuff my face before going back to Greyhound for the El Paso run.

I wouldn't be here this early, but I bogarted an earlier ride... instead of waiting for the 8:15 bus out of Sac, I waited in the 11PM line, handed my ticket without comment to the driver, and he took it. Gives me about a 12-hour layover instead of 3. Nice trick to try if you want to explore a little; then again, Greyhound has so many breakdowns and delays that they probably wouldn't question if you hand them a ticket that's a day or two old. You could possibly buy a ticket from LA to New York and take a day-trip through every city in between.

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