Walked all the way back from Greyhound to Figueroa, since I gave my day pass to a guy at the bus station earlier, thinking I wouldn't be needing it any more today. Back in Starbucks (sorry, Javalounge) because, while it's safer in this part of town, there aren't many places where one can urinate without paying something, and this is one of the cheapest at $1.50. Plus I get to charge my laptop battery, and have net access just outside the door.

I was going to just wait the night away at Greyhound, but I was worried that one of the idiot security guards would spot me and call in the LA cops. The security chief had already warned me about that. Better safe than sorry, even if I have to dig into my credit account again. Tomorrow I'll decide whether to mail my batteries back to me, or just try the big dog again with the morning crew. The batteries will be in my checked baggage this time, so hopefully won't cause as much of a stir.

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