Had some coffee and caught up on email at the Cybercafe; mailed my iceplant cuttings to myself, then got a cash advance at Wells Fargo. Yeah, I did it again, ran up my credit card. Shit.

Started across the border to Juarez, then realized I had no change. I wasn't sure they'd be able to change a $20, so I walked back up El Paso Street to find a fanny pack, since I wanted one anyway. No luck, but then came across one of those folding luggage carriers for only $10.80 including tax, so bought it. Ahhhh, it felt good to be rolling my 60-odd pounds of luggage instead of carrying it.

Mexican transit cops were all along Avenida Vicente Guerrero, apparently fucking everything up. The Permisionarios Unidos bus wasn't allowed to stop between Miguel Ahumada and Francisco Villa as usual, so I had to run a half block to the west to catch it. Now I'm at the Central Camionera, ticket in hand. Still potentially two searches, both with possible confiscation of my battery pack. I avoided the first search at the end of the bridge. The cop there indicated for me to push the button, which I did; it said "Pase", though, and although he still seemed to want to search my stuff I just walked blithely on by, and he didn't holler at me. Anyway, I'm resigned at this point to giving it up, losing $200, rather than raise a big stink and land myself in jail or worse. I'll still raise a little stink, though.

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