Had another dream from a recurring dreamscape, the one with the bars on the waterfront that I like, but keep forgetting to go to. Well, I was in a bar in the first scene that I remember, and was buying a drink for the bartender who just got off duty. I put $10 onto the bar, and she slid over a $5. I thought, "now why did she do that? I'm paying", and slid it halfway back towards her. Then I asked "was that for the tip?", and she said yes.

The next scene I remember was in that or another bar, and a guy with silvered sunglasses, or maybe dressed in silver clothes head-to-toe, approached me as if he knew me. He was showing me some secret document and telling me about something I can't remember, in a stereotypical "military" voice. I handed him back the document, and he was trying to shove it upside-down back into the folder, and the edge bent; then he realized I had turned it around to read it, so he put it back in correctly.

I'm always hoping someone will recognize the same scenery or the same characters, and expand my knowledge of these parallel universes, or whatever they are, that I keep visiting when asleep.

I got another idea for the hand-held chording keyboard I tried to design earlier this year. Instead of Fimo clay, which requires heat to cure, I can use that wood-patch stuff that cures in water. And I can mount some kind of actuator, like a small hinge or something, over the pushbutton switches so my weaker fingers can push them easier, one of the weaknesses of the original design. But that stuff will have to wait till next shopping trip; I'm in Deming right now, thanks to my neighbor Gordon, buying some of the stuff that's been on my list since before Burning Man.

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