On the way home today I saw a small (2 feet or so) bull snake dead on the side of the road, and after I got picked up my neighbors saw a dead animal which Gordon thought at first was a wolf. We turned around, and I got out for a look. It was a wild pig of some sort. I'll have to get a bigger crossbow to hunt these suckers.

Did you get American Airlines's recent email about signing up for other emails which would enter you into a sweepstakes? Go ahead, click the link. It's the most intelligence-insulting Flash content I can remember ever getting. I sent them back "Do you really think all your customers are idiots?" I should have said "three years old".

The Crocs incident I had back in February of 2004 has finally been experienced enough worldwide, particularly in Japan, that all kinds of newsmedia have picked up on the story. I'd heard from Terri Gruca from WCCO-TV back in August of last year regarding this, but never got any feedback about the story she did; found it just now, here, but no mention of me there. Oh, well. Lost my chance at 15 seconds of fame. They had another, more recent, story here. (My Technorati Profile)

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