Woke up sometime last night to coyote song. Just one at first, then I'm pretty sure I heard another one join in. I also saw some coyote scat in the trail yesterday, only 100-odd yards from my place. It was unmistakable because no other animal I know of eats the ripe prickly pear fruits, digests part of them, then shits the rest back out in one big magenta mass.

At the time I was in a dream; two soldiers in olive green uniforms, Turkish I think, were in a river in the US (possibly the Mississippi), neck-deep, rifles over their heads. Somehow they were communicating with their superiors, and soon their captain, or even their President, was with one of them. The one soldier said "Follow me, my Captain!" (or "President" -- can't remember), and with rifle aimed in front, started walking, still neck-deep, underneath some bridge or pier or something. Suddenly the superior grabbed the soldier around the neck in a choke-hold. As soon as they were out from under the pier or whatever, the soldier turned right towards the bank, the captain released the choke-hold, and the soldier turned around to face him. The captain had a grotesque, almost comical, frown; the soldier, now able to breathe again, started smiling, and it grew to a full-faced grin. The captain said something like "Where the fuck are we?"; the soldier turned towards a sign, whose contents I can't remember, but I think it was the name of a small town in Mississippi.

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