My idea of carrying my Katadyn 2.5-gallon filter bag in a Kelty Kangaroo frontpack was a dismal failure. After the third time it fell out, I gave up, dumped out the water, and packed it all with my other gear. Made it to the Central Camionera after sunset, bought my ticket to Zacatecas for 862 pesos and am now on my way there on an almost-empty bus. It's supposed to arrive there 10-something tomorrow morning. I paid with a credit card! I didn't know you could do that, but their website accepts Visa and MasterCard, so I just offered my MC as payment and the guy accepted it. Good to know for next time; always before this I'd gotten cash because there are no signs at the Juarez station that any kind of plastic is accepted, and I never saw anyone else paying with one.

Found an interesting Mandelbrot image at (-0.989771523936768, 0.30932435524936575). You'll need to zoom into the billions to see the dragon, then there are several more zooms to other features until you reach the Mandelbrot copy. I used about 4000 iterations per pixel and I'm still missing detail.

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