I just found two ways of writing to my hard drive while running Knoppix. One is one of the two FAT partitions installed by Dell for a system restore. The 3rd partition, hda3, has about half a gig free. The other method is, though the NTFS driver itself is read-only, a file inside NTFS is writeable. So I have the Debian disk used by coLinux as a file on the NTFS partition; mounting that as a loop device, I can do anything I want on that virtual ext2-formatted disk. How's that for cool?

I got aircrack-ng to compile under coLinux; booted Knoppix LiveCD; after a couple of tries with those ndiswrapper commands -- for some reason wlan0 didn't appear after the first try -- I was able to run airodump-ng. "Run", as in, the program executed long enough to tell me that ndiswrapper doesn't support monitor mode. Oh, shit. Back to square 1.

The leather piece holding my wallet chain to my belt was almost completely cracked through, so I cut it off with my new pocketknife and just used a carabiner to attach it to my belt loop. Those cheap Wal-Mart carabiners are useful for a lotta shit. Glad I stocked up before I left.

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