Axel, owner of Jack's Café that I mentioned earlier, used to live in the States and speaks good English. He told me of a place where I could find coffee plants, so I went there, north of town, to Santa Victoria, a finca where I stole a single fruit off one of the plants and left. On my way back, I started the Universal Edibility Test on it, not being sure that it was, indeed, coffee; but when I got back to Jack's, and Axel told me it was indeed coffee, I ate the rest of it. The fruit is pleasant-tasting, not overly sweet, and has two coffee beans inside; probably common knowledge to Guatemalans but news to me. I'm going to try to sneak those two beans back across into the US and see if I can grow them in my greenhouse. I sure didn't have any luck sprouting the green beans I've been buying online.

My primary webserver is down for the count. I hope Unixshell gets its act together soon and fixes the problem. I'm pretty sure it's the hosting server and not my virtual (XEN) server at fault.

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