I asked the price of the lancha to San Pedro. Even though I'd already done the two things I thought I'd have to go there to do -- see a coffee plant and find free wifi -- I have time to kill till tomorrow morning. But it was Q20, too much for me. For the cost of the round trip, I could buy 3 beers. But as I started back up the dock, I was blocked by a smiling bearded face and a foot with a Burning Man tattoo on it: my Burning buddy Yoav, with whom I rode to my first burn two years ago and whom I saw at this year's burn. He was going to San Pedro to see a friend of his, so what the hell, I came along. The hostel here, Trippy's, costs Q30 a night and includes breakfast. I'll just have to sort things out with Hospedaje Londres when I get back tomorrow.

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