High winds on Lake Atitlan, gusting to gale force, since Tuesday night. We lost power for good in San Pedro yesterday morning not long after sunrise. No internet anywhere, no functioning ATM (there's only one ATM in town anyway), and couldn't even PayPal Michael at Buddha Bar to run up an account there. By evening, no sign of anything happening, I emptied the last half of my 5-gallon water bottle into my Katadyn Base Camp filter bag, and took the empty in for my Q50 deposit. Went to Comedor Central for a plate of eggs, black beans and rice, and an extra order of tortillas, for Q13. That was the first real sustenance I'd had all day.

This morning, after asking around, I took the lancha to Pana for Q20. It was a pretty rough ride, almost parallel to the waves, across to San Marcos, but after that it was just a matter of holding up a piece of plastic to block the spray. It took Banco Industrial a while to get their ATM running, but at the moment I've got Q800 in my pocket after spending Q200 on a hat. I lost my last sombrero, the Tejano style wool hat I picked up for MX$200 in Oaxaca, to the wind while fishing off the Mikaso pier night before last. No internet here at Pana Rock Café, also due to a powerout somewhere along the line, so will have to upload this elsewhere. Then it's back to San Pedro for my luggage, and maybe on to Veracruz from there Saturday morning.

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