All this time I've been ragging about how great the public transit system is in Mexico. Well, I'm having second thoughts. I'm in Tapachula, across the street from the OCC station, and there's not a single bus into Veracruz with available seats. Not one, for at least 2 days. At least Greyhound has the smarts to keep some extra buses on tap for heavy traffic periods. Nothing to Oaxaca, either. Looks like I can skip the Intergalactic Rainbow Gathering and head right up to Cancun or Matamoros. Whatever. Right now I'm stuck in this nowhere town, with all my infected sores and a fucked-up back from schlepping my luggage around. At least there's Pacifico at MX$15 a bottle, and a torta de pierna for the same price, at this 24-hour restaurant.

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