I was looking for a bus to take me up the coast to the next city, but don't have a map to tell me what that is; so when I came across Autobuses Fletes Y Pasajes S.A. de C.V. on the corner of 3a Ave. Norte and 9a Calle Oriente, I grabbed a seat on the Oaxaca bus for MX$220, leaving at 1800 this evening. So I'm again singing the praises of public transit in Mexico. This line is about MX$100 cheaper than OCC, and they have seats available! And chances are its terminal is the 2nd class terminal in Oaxaca, which I couldn't find before, so I'll get to know where that is too.

Once in Oaxaca, I can decide whether to try to make Veracruz in time for the Rainbow gathering, or go back to Zipolite and hang around naked for a week or two.

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